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Having fun since 1995 creating tribute video, how it’s made video, original work and commercial work.

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Classic SciFi, Modern Trailer : Marooned

My third modern trailer of a classic sci-fi film is of Marooned. A 1969 film starring Gregory Peck, Richard Crenna, James Franciscus and Gene Hackman.

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Radar Men From The Moon : 12 Part Series

RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON  (An HD Resoration Project)

Radar Men From The Moon is a 12 part limited run series that came out in 1952.  Because this series fell into the public domain I decided to try and restore/enhance it and display it as a restored classic. 

You will find all the episodes here as I finish them and they become available.  ENJOY!


The First Men On The Moon    1964

When a spaceship lands on the moon, it is hailed as a new accomplishment, before it becomes clear that a Victorian party completed the journey in 1899, leading investigators to that mission’s last survivor.