3 Brew Entertainment was born just after the year 2000 began.  I had been putting together video for the family for a few years and I decided I wanted to showcase them.  When I learned of YouTube I instantly opened an account and uploaded a few video’s. (They were not very good and only in standard definition but hey, it was a beginning.)

The name 3Brew was created as there is three of us in my family..my wife, daughter and I.  It also stemed from a great Canadian film I always loved called ‘Strange Brew’  At the start the characters said ‘This movie was shot in 3B, thre beers and it looks good eh!’

Well, I loved that saying so hence the site name, 3brew.com!

I got my first video camera in 1994 and began shooting memories for the future.  It was a VHS camcorder so it was pretty big and filmed straight onto a vhs tape!  My daughter was just two and I felt the need to chronicle her as much as I could.  Then one day in 95 I looked at some of the footage I had taken and thought this stuff would make a great family video if I could edit some stuff out.  That was the year of my first production.  Editing was tough because we only had vhs tapes that needed splicing!

So, I started doing one once a year to premier at Christmas with the whole family around.  After a few vacations I started, I think, making some pretty cool video’s and it expanded from there.

With the digital revolution I began upgrading cameras and began using editing software on a pc, the rest is history!  I have made a few video’s for other people, I got the equipment for doing digital transfer of vhs to digital and continue to make compilations of my favorite shows etc…

I enjoy putting together shows that I think everyone will be entertained by and over the years I have gotten much better at it.

Over the years I have tried many editing programs, some at high cost.  Recently I came accross a wonderful program called Filmora X which I find one of the easiest to use and can be very powerful.  I will put a banner link below for anyone who would like to try it for free.

That’s about it!  As I keep learning I keep getting better.  I have been recently playing with green screening, which with Filmora is so much easier than I thought.  My goal is to turn a short story I wrote in 1978 as a kid into an animated film (real life might be way too hard).  You can see the progress of it in the ‘Originals’ category and my ‘What’s Next’ page!

My most popular video’s to date

Classic SciFi Moments In TV : Over 174,000 Views
Classic SciFi In TV Volume 3 : Over 58,800 Views
Classic SciFi In Film Volume 2 : Over 45,600 Views