3Brew Original Work

This page you will see my original works.  From completed productions to test video on future productions.

Forged By Dave : Hunting Knife (Dec 2020)
Silent Struggle : Test Opener (April 2020)
Green Screen Test 003 : UFO Attacking (May 2020)
MCAS Yuma Air Show (March 2019)
The Imperial Dunes (Jan 2020)

Our original productions are anywhere from ‘How To Video’ to animated video. (Attempts)  By no means am I a pro but I do have idea’s and am getting better with practice.  As I have been travelling for three years now I do get to see an awful lot and where I go so does my camera’s.  I try to put together interesting and relevant shows.  Keep checking back for the latest!

Road Trip (Jan 2018)
View From The Top : Palm Springs (Feb 2020)
Point Lookout : Maryland (Oct 2017)
Trip Into Hollywood (Feb 2018)