Video Restorations

I tend to keep my eye on the public domain/ archive sites where you can legally get older movies.  It’s fun to see something you watched as a kid again, help bring back great memories.  I find though that when you do get one it’s always in standard definition and the quality usually sucks.  Using the editing software I have I’ve learned how to bring them back to life, well, not studio quality but way more watchable that when you first get them.  This is one of my hopes to keep doing!


Strategic targets on Earth are being destroyed by an unknown weapon. Government security head Henderson suspects it’s an -atomic ray- originating from the moon! He assigns Commando Cody, scientist and man of action with a secret flying suit, to investigate………..

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When an alien artifact discovered on Earth is found to have come from Venus, an international team of astronauts embarks to investigate its origins.

1960 and stars Yôko Tani, Oldrich Lukes and Ignacy Machowski. 

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An atomic scientist claims he was abducted by aliens after being injured in a plane crash. No one believes he was abducted but he vows to stop them from conquering the world!

Stars : Peter Graves, James Seay and Steve Pendleton.

This film was originally produced in 1954 by Planet Filmplays.

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1960 film about an interplanetary news reporter being assigned to write a story while aboard a space station. Meanwhile, an errant space ship enters the solar system radiating enough heat to destroy the earth. The station crew and the reporter must find a way to stop it.

Stars Rik Van Nutter, Gabriella Farinon and David Montresor.

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A strange series of solar flares proves fatal for inhabitants of the Earth, except for the fortunate few.   Animals go insane and human beings turn to white powder, leaving behind only empty clothing. A handful of survivors attempt to rebuild their lives!

1974 and stars Peter Graves, George O’Hanlon Jr. and Kathleen Quinlan.

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Astronauts landing on Venus encounter dangerous creatures and almost meet some sexy Venusian women who like to sun-bathe in hip-hugging skin-tight pants and seashell brassieres.


1968 and stars  Mamie Van Doren, Mary Marr and Paige Lee.

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A small construction crew on an island is terrorized when a spirit-like being takes over a large bulldozer, and goes on a killing rampage.


1974 and stars Clint Walker, Robert Urich and Carl Betz.

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